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About John Barton

John Barton is a psychotherapist in private practice in Auckland New Zealand.

Dr John Barton
He was a General Practitioner (Family Physician) for over twenty years, fourteen years in country New Zealand and eight in inner city Melbourne.

He began training in counselling in 1971 with Youthline in Auckland, NZ. He has a working knowledge of many modalities of psychotherapy including Rogerian counselling, T. A., Gestalt therapy, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Narrative Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Most of his training was in Psychodrama and he became an accredited psychodramatist with the Australia and New Zealand Psychodrama Association in 2000.
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John has used dolls, cushions and soft toys in the therapy room for many years. He was introduced to small figures by Dr Carlos Raimundo at a Play of Life® workshop in 2002 and quickly began using them with immediate success. John started running small figures workshops in 2003 and now has developed his own thinking and ways of using the figures in addition to the great amount he has learnt from Carlos. He has a lighthearted teaching style which shows his enthusiasm for small figure work and his joy in the practice of psychotherapy.

He is also a leader of Balint groups. Balint work is experiential small group work designed to teach physicians and others how to use the doctor-patient relationship in more effective ways. He is a past President of the Balint Society of Australia and New Zealand.

He has presented workshops on a variety of topics at international medical and psychotherapy conferences in UK, Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Formal Qualifications: B.Sc., M.Sc, (Hons), Ph.D. (Chemistry), B. Hum.Biol., M.B., Ch.B., Diploma of Obstetrics, F.R.N.Z.C.G.P., Accredited Psychodramatist (ANZPA). Accredited Balint Leader and Trainer, Balint Society of Australia and New Zealand. Registered Psychotherapist in NZ.

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